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Ambergris Caye Activities and Tours


Dive Boat
LOCAL DIVING - Belize has amazing diving, and Ambergris Caye offers over 35 of the most spectacular sites in the country within close proximity to shore. These local dives feature sea fans, sea rods and other fleshy corals that dominate the seascape and are characteristic of Belize's thriving eco-system.

Most local dives extend to depths of between 60 - 80 feet where you might see groups of reef fish, large groupers, turtles, eagle rays and even shark and dolphin. Swim-through caverns and tunnels provide more adventerous diving venues where divers may exit through sporadic chimneys.

Local two-dive trips leave at 9 AM and afternoon two-dive trips leave at 1 PM. Local night dives are also available.

TURNEFFE ATOLL - NORTH - Turneffe offers fantastic diving with plenty of healthy coral, colorful reefs and large sponges. Even the journey to the atoll is beautiful - with crystal clear water and blue skies. Once at the atoll, you'll enjoy three magnificent wall dives.

Your first dive will be on the virgin corals of Vincente Wall. Once you surface from your unrushed underwater exploration, you will head to your second dive at Mini-Elbow. The boat will then take you to Mauger Caye for an enjoyable picnic. After lunch there is a third dive at the Gorgonian or Dorey Channel.

This full day excursion leaves at 7 AM and includes continental breakfast, lunch, snacks, and drinks.

TURNEFFE ELBOW - This dive features the ultimate in wall diving. The Elbow is at the southern most tip of the Turneffe Atoll and is the first stop on this trip. The currents in this area supply a natural concentration of food, so you'll find an area teaming with fish and other marine life as well as some of the largest sea fans to be found anywhere.

Before lunch, you'll complete your second dive of the day in an area known as Billy Bob's. Featuring canyons, tunnels and swim-throughs, this area is also heavily populated with reef fish as well as spotted eagle rays and large grouper. After a relaxing lunch spent in the sun, you'll head out for your third dive at either Calabash or Vicente.

This full day excursion leaves at 7 AM.

Belize Blue Hole BLUE HOLE / HALF MOON CAYE / LIGHTHOUSE REEF - The most famous of all dives in Belize is the Great Blue Hole. This tour, combined with dives at the impressive Lighthouse Reef will leave you with lasting memories of a unique diving experience. This trip is a full day excursion that departs at 6:00am and returns at 5:30pm and includes continental breakfast, lunch, snacks, and drinks. This adventure includes three spectacular dives.

Your first stop will be the Blue Hole, a 1000 foot circular coral reef that drops 400 feet into an incredible cavern filled with stalactites as well as a limited variety of fish species such as Lemon and Black-tip Sharks, Horse-eye Jacks and very rarely a lone Hammerhead Shark has been sighted.

Your second dive is spent at Half Moon Caye wall, featuring an abundance of coral, sea fans, and sponges. Turtles are common here and you can expect amazing encounters with many pelagics: Lemon, Black-Tip and Bull Sharks (with Pilot fish always in attendance), alongside the beautiful Spotted Eagle Rays.

The surface interval between your second and third dives will be spent having a leisurely beach picnic lunch on Half Moon Caye. This Caye is a sanctuary for Red-footed Booby and Frigate birds. There is an observation tower where it is possible to see all the nesting birds and observe the behavior of some of the 98 species of birds recorded here. Half Moon Caye has to be one of the most beautiful marine and terrestrial sites you will ever experience.

The third dive of the day is at the Aquarium, named after the tremendous variety of fish found at this site and their abundant numbers. You'll be surrounded by angelfish and butterfly fish, as well as jacks and barracuda - an underwater delight!

PADI INSTRUCTION - Our dive partners also offer a variety of SCUBA training options, including open water courses, referral courses, Discover SCUBA courses (resort courses) and refresher courses. They are a PADI Resort Facility, centrally located in San Pedro Town. If you have a child between the ages of 10 and 14, there is a PADI Junior Open Water Diver program available as well.

Courses include all instruction, required books and materials, certification (if qualified), and all necessary equipment including tanks, weights, regulator, BCD, fins, mask, and wetsuit.
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Snorkeling in Belize
BLUE HOLE AND LIGHTHOUSE REEF - Non-divers can also experience the Great Blue Hole with a snorkeling excursion. The shallow rim of the hole offers a great snorkeling experience. It is well protected by an outer reef giving a home to some of the most stunning underwater flora and fauna in the Caribbean.

After your time at the Blue Hole, you'll move on to Half Moon Caye where you'll spend time exploring a reef area just yards from the beach or spend some time relaxing under the shade of one of the many lofty palm trees. The final snorkel stop leaves you close to the reef next to Long Caye, another site full of visual delights.

This full day tour departs at 5:30 AM and usually returns to the island by 5:30 PM.

HOL CHAN MARINE RESERVE AND SHARK RAY ALLEY - Due to the close proximity of San Pedro, the large amount of fish life found with the Hol Chan "cut" accessible by snorkelers and the diversity of marine life encountered throughout the 4 zones of the park this is one of the most popular snorkeling sites in all of Belize. You'll thrill at the novelty of swimming with large numbers of nurse sharks and sting rays.

CORAL GARDENS - This is a great day on the water. Sail to Coral Gardens for a delightful snorkel stop where guides will navigate you through this favorite snorkel area. Then it is time to head on to the "Ship Wreck" for more great snorkeling. After you have worked up a healthy appetite snorkeling board the boat, rinse off in the fresh water shower and settle in for a tasty picnic lunch while sailing the afternoon away.

MEXICO ROCKS AND ROBLES BEACH BBQ - The day begins as you make your way to San Pedro towards Robles, about 20 miles north of town. The first stop along the way is at Mexico Rocks, a great snorkeling location featuring colorful coral formations and lots of small fish.

Then on to Robles where you'll stop on a pristine stretch of beach where you can snorkel right from the shore. You can also spend time exploring deserted beaches. When you're ready for a break, return to the beach for a delightful beach BBQ including fish, roasted potatoes, pasta salad, and tortillas.

After lunch, you can take some time to relax in a hammock or go for another swim before you begin the journey back to San Pedro. On the way, you'll make one last snorkel stop at the Basil Jones Cut.
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Fishing in Ambergris Caye
Ambergris Caye is a sport fisherman's paradise. The water around the island abound with a variety of saltwater fishing, just minutes from the dock! Fish for tarpon, bonefish, or permit in the tidal flats, barracuda, snapper, jacks, or grouper in the reefs or head out to the deep blue Caribbean water for fantastic deep sea fishing.

Most types of fish, including bonefish and tarpon, can be caught year round. Trips are generally done on a 4 or 8 hour basis.
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Sailing in Ambergris Caye
CAYE CAULKER DAY CRUISE - This cruise on a first class day cruiser begins with a trip to Hol Chan Marine Reserve where you'll snorkel in style with the sharks and rays in their natural habitat.

Back aboard the boat, you can rinse off with a fresh water shower and relax on the deck in the sun as the boat continues on to Caye Caulker. Upon arrival, you'll have time to have lunch and explore this quiant Caribbean island.

The afternoon ends with a leisurely sail back to San Pedro. The tour includes beer, sodas, rum punch and snacks.

SUNSET AND FULL MOON CRUISES - These two cruise options are a great way to relax on the Caribbean with a drink in hand. Sunset cruises sail south towards Hol Chan and offer beautiful Caribbean sunset experiences. Three nights a month you can opt for the full moon cruise which provides a fantastic opportunity to experience the full moon at sea.

Sunset cruises depart at 5:15 and return at around 7:30 and include beer, sodas, rum punch and snacks. Full moon cruises depart around 7 PM and include beer, rum punch, champagne, and snacks.

Belizean Sunset MANATEE WATCHING AND SNORKELING TOUR - This tour begins by heading south past Belize City where you'll visit a protected area of mangrove where you can view the endangered West Indian Manatee in its natural habitat. Then you'll head on to Golf's Caye for snorkeling and a relaxing lunch under a shaded palapa.

The next stop is at Coco Solo for more fantastic snorkeling. If you're lucky, you'll encounter a school of dolphins on the way. If so, the boat will stop and you can snorkel with them! The final stop is at the island of Caye Caulker where you can shop for souvenirs or take a swim before heading back to San Pedro. Includes lunch, snacks, beer, sodas and rum punch.
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Land Based Tours

Lamanai Ruins
ALTUN HA AND MARUBA JUNGLE RESORT - This unique tour combines the adventure of the jungle with the luxurious indulgence of a full service spa and resort.

You'll begin your day with a boat ride to the mainland, and up through the Northern River to Bomba Village. Along the way you are likely to see orchids, cactus, birds, bats, and other exotic wildlife. You'll have some time to browse local wood carvings before heading on to the Mayan ruin of Altun Ha where you'll receive a guided tour of the ruins.

After working up an appetite, you'll head to Maruba Jungle Spa and Resort for a delicious lunch. After lunch you can take a dip in the pool or take advantage of the Spa's services (an additional cost). You can also spend some time looking for exotic birds like green Aztech parakeets, Ringed Kingfishers, and tropical Mocking birds.

You'll leave the resort feeling relaxed as you head back to San Pedro in time for dinner. This tour leaves at 8:30 AM, returns at 5:00 PM, and includes snacks, juices, beer, and rum punch. Lunch, ruin fees, and services at Maruba Resort are an additional cost.

LAMANAI AND NEW RIVER EXCURSION - Enjoy a delicious continental breakfast as you wind your way through the Northern River where you will see a rich variety of flora and fauna. Once at Bomba Village you will board a private bus that will take you along the old Pan American Highway to Tower Hill.

From Tower Hill you'll board another boat and make your way down the New River where you may encounter more of Belize's exotic wildlife. You'll reach Lamanai by boat and enjoy a lunch of local fare deep in the jungle. After a tour of the ruins, you'll head back to San Pedro. This tour departs at 7:00 AM and returns at 5:30 PM and includes breakfast, lunch beers, sodas, water, rum punch, and ruin fees.

Zip Line Tour CAVE TUBING (CAN BE COMBINED WITH ZIP LINES OR BELIZE ZOO) - The day begins as you are picked up by boat at your hotel and carried towards the mainland and up the Old Belize River. As you enjoy a light breakfast, you may encounter crocodiles, iguanas, and Howler monkeys as well as a variety of jungle flora.

When you arrive at Manatee Lodge, you'll transfer to a private bus that will take you to Jaguar Paw Resort. From here, your guides will lead you on a jungle path to the opening of the caves where your adventure will continue.

After you put on your headlamps and climb into your inner tube, you'll float through ancient cave systems where the famous Mayan people came to worship. You'll also see breathtaking limestone and crystal formations.

After returning to Jaguar Paw and changing into dry clothes, you'll enjoy a delicious lunch. From there, you can head back to San Pedro, or the adventure can continue with either a Zip Line tour or a trip to the Belize Zoo. Then you'll return to San Pedro in time for dinner. Tours include breakfast, lunch, water, beer, sodas, rum punch, and snacks. All equipment and entrance fees are included as well.
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