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Dangriga Activities and Tours


Dive Boat
SOUTHERN BARRIER REEF - These 2-dive trips generally depart at around 7 or 8 AM and return around 1 PM. You will explore areas from just north of Tobacco Caye to a cut five miles south of South Water Caye called Grand Channel. The trip out to the Barrier Reef is ten miles and it takes 30-40 minutes to get to the first dive site. The pristine southern section of the Barrier Reef sees few divers and is typically a wall dive that is interspersed with sand channels and spur and groove sections.

This area boasts several dive sites so you will rarely dive the same site twice. Turtles, moray eels, barracuda, king mackerel, eagle rays are often spotted and some divers have seen manta rays, hammerhead sharks and dolphins up close.

Common dive sites include Jason's Wall, Elsie's Aquarium, Carrie Bow, South Water Wall, Trick Ridge, Hell Hole and The Abyss.

GLOVER'S REEF ATOLL - These 3-tank trips generally depart at 7 AM and return around 4:30 PM. You'll venture towards this remote island group which is a UNESCO world heritage site. The first site is 16 miles past the barrier reef (about 1 hour). When visibility is good, the first dive is usually at a site called "The Pinnacles", which features big coral heads rising 40 feet or more from the bottom of the sea.

The second and third dives are on the east side of the atoll, where the water depth quickly drops to more than 2000 feet, with visibility usually over 100 feet. There are several dive sites on this side of the atoll, and with Long Caye Wall being among the most popular. You'll drop onto a big field of white sand at 40 feet, swimming among stingrays and spotting garden eels dropping into their holes during your descent.

As you approach the wall running the length of the sandy area it looks like the coral is growing out of the sand bottom in big chunks. Just as you crest the wall, the sand appears to be running like small rivers down through the coral into mini canyons. With the usual 100+ feet visibility, the view down the wall gives the impression of limitless space. In reality, the wall is a 2000+ foot drop-off into the deep blue. You'll follow the top of the wall and explore the sand channels exploding with fish and marine life.

Dangriga Coral Reefs TURNEFFE ISLANDS ATOLL - This 3-tank trip departs at 7 AM and returns around 4:30 PM. You'll begin by cruising past remote fishing camps and idyllic cayes before punching out of the protective Barrier Reef for a short crossing to Turneffe Islands Atoll.

The day starts with one of Belize's most popular dive sites, "The Elbow." This has a convergence of several ocean currents passing by canyon-type formations. During surface intervals you'll go into the sheltered lagoon surrounded by mangrove islands.

On the next two dives you'll experience sheer walls for which Turneffe is famous. It is common to see moray eels, turtles, rays, big barrel sponges and large coral formations while drifting along over the edge of the abyss. This trip often ends with the shipwreck site Sayonara which has a proliferation of fish and big coral formations including swim-throughs.

LIGHTHOUSE REEF ATOLL AND BLUE HOLE - These 3-tank trips start bright and early at 6 AM and head 50 miles offshore to the Great Blue Hole, which takes approximately 2.5 hours. Once there you can go down 130 feet to view the largest underwater dripstones on the planet. There are two Blue Hole options - one to 130 feet for experienced divers only and another to 60 feet.

Belize Blue Hole After diving the Blue Hole, you'll spend some surface time at the Half Moon Caye Bird Sancutary before heading out for your second dive - exploring the Half Caye Wall. This dive features a unique topography of swim-through channels, coral buttresses, and a profusion of reef fish and pelagics.

Divers then return to Half Moon Caye for a picnic lunch and a relaxing surface interval before heading out to Long Caye for the final dive of the day. This dive starts in only 15 - 20 feet of water before plummeting downward. You'll then depart for our 2-hour journey home to return around 5 PM.

NOTE: The Blue Hole trip is highly dependent on weather and a minimum number of divers signing up. This trip runs approximately once every two weeks. Groups can pre-arrange this trip if weather allows.

Whale Sharks WHALE SHARK TRIPS - This 2-dive trip departs around 10 AM and returns around 5 PM and is only available during the week of the full moon in April, May, and June. You'll head to Gladden Spit, on the Southern Barrier Reef which is where you'll find whale sharks, the largest fish in the sea.

During the week of the full moon in April, May, and June, large schools of mutton and Cuberra snapper spawn here, and the giant whale sharks arrive to feed on the spawn. It is common on this dive to see schools of snapper in the thousands with whale sharks passing through them.

Divers will likely see these majestic creatures very close but they are not allowed to chase, ride, touch or otherwise disturb the Whale Sharks. These dives are very popular, so be sure to book this dive in advance.
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Snorkeling in Dangriga
ISLAND-BASED SNORKELING - This tour departs at around 8 AM when you hop a ride on the dive boat for a trip out to South Water Caye. You and your guide will be dropped off for a morning of snorkeling and relaxing on the beach. Explore the nearby reef with a multitude of colorful fish, conch shells and stingrays.

After snorkeling, relax under a palm tree while enjoying a snack and juice before heading back into the water for more snorkeling adventures. The dive boat returns to pick you up and head back to shore for lunch. This trip is ideal for beginners who prefer a land-based experience.

BOAT SNORKELING - This is also a half-day tour which departs around 8 AM. You'll explore the reef from the comfort of a boat that can take you to a variety of sites on one trip. Depending on the weather, you may snorkel the channel at Tobacco Caye, or on the patch reef of Whale Shoal.

You may also snorkel the northern part of the Southern Barrier Reef and take a stop at Man-of-War Caye where you'll see a variety of nesting birds like frigates and brown boobies. Entry and exit into the water is all done directly from the boat, so this trip is ideal for agile and experienced snorkelers.
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The Southern Barrier Reef is an angler's paradise with an abundance of marine life. Game fish thrive in this environment which features abundant flats and rivers, mangrove lagoons, and islands that serve as nurseries to many aquatic species.

You'll be paired with experienced guides that will safely transport you to and from outstanding fishing grounds, many of which are just minutes from the comfort of your cabana. Just let your guide know what you'd like to catch for the day and he will do his best to help you accomplish your goals!

Belize is known for hundreds of flats and cayes that team with king mackerel, barracuda, grouper, snapper, permit, bonefish, and tarpon, just to name a few! Most of the fishing in Dangriga is catch and release, but some fish, like snapper and grouper, may be kept for the table.

Most tours leave around 7 AM and return around 4 PM, but half-day tours are also available. You can also take your mask and snorkel for exploring some of the reefs along the way. Fishing equipment is available for use, but serious anglers may want to bring their own.
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Kayaking on the Sittee River
REEF AND RIVER SNORKEL/BOAT TOUR - This tour runs on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and departs at around 8 AM. The 6 - 8 hour tour begins with a visit to the beautiful Southern Barrier Reef where you'll have the opportunity to snorkel in warm, crystal clear Caribbean waters teaming with fish and coral.

At around noon, you'll return to the coast and enter the Sittee River where you'll break for lunch and have a little time for relaxation. The cruise up the river will be full of opportunities to see exotic tropical wildlife like crocodiles, turtles, iguanas, and many different bird species.

JUNGLE RIVER CANOEING AND KAYAKING - This easy to moderate tour departs at around 2 PM and can return as late as 5 PM. You'll start your voyage on the Sittee River at the Creole village of Sittee River and slowly head towards the ocean. You'll spot iguanas and exotic birds in the trees and maybe even a crocodile at water's edge.

GALES POINT MANATEE WATCHING - This half-day tour departs around 8 AM and returns in time for lunch. Belize has the Caribbean's largest population of endangered West Indian Manatees found year round in the southern lagoons of Belize. You'll depart from the tip of a three-mile peninsula to the middle of this brackish lagoon where a fresh warm water spring attracts the manatees.

An hour on the lagoon gives you the opportunity to watch these gentle giants as they come to the surface for air and play in the water. The lagoon with its mangrove border is home to several species of marine life including crabs, juvenile fish and larger snapper and jacks. You may even see some tarpon circling near the fresh water spring.
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Land Based Tours

MAYFLOWER JUNGLE AND WATERFALL HIKE - This 6 - 8 hour tour takes you to two of three beautiful waterfalls in the Dangriga region. Both tour options include visits to Antelope falls - a challenging hike through the forest with a big payout! These spectacular falls drop some 100 feet above your head and cascade down a huge rock face to form small pools perfect for swimming.

Both options also include a visit to the Mayan city of Mayflower. Excavation is at the early stages at this ancient site, and orchids, birds, and lush vegetation abound.

Depending on the tour you choose, you may also visit the Three Sisters Falls which is less difficult than the Antelope Falls trek, or take a moderate hike to Bocawina Falls - both offering more great jungle swimming opportunities.

CAVE AND JUNGLE ADVENTURE - This full day adventure takes you through citrus orchards on the Hummingbird Highway to Blue Hole National park - one of Belize's oldest jungles. Upon arrival, you'll make your way to the park's namesake - a 30-foot wide sinkhole fed by an underground stream. Spend some time cooling off in the crystal clear waters of this beautiful pool.

You'll also want to hike to St. Herman's Cave and explore the trails that lead you deep inside. Watch for bats and cave formations as you journey deep into the earth. The park hosts many plant, animal and bird species. You'll have fun seeing how many you can identify!

Cockscomb Basin COCKSCOMB BASIN WILDLIFE SANCTUARY AND JAGUAR PRESERVE - Take a day trip to the world's only jaguar preserve. This 100,000+ acre preserve is also home to jaguarundi, margays, ocelots, pums, deer, howler monkeys, and tapirs. Your journey into the preserve begins with a stop at the village of Maya Center where you'll find fantastic Mayan arts and crafts for sale.

Within the park you'll find a wide variety of hikes, including a trail to Ben's Bluff with a spectacular view of the entire basin, and to a waterfall where you can dip in the refreshing waters. Bring your binoculars - as you trek through the rainforest you never know what you'll see!

TROPICAL BIRDING - Tours start at 7 AM or earlier and end around noon. You'll start with a ride to the outskirts of a traditional Mayan village at the foothills of the Maya Mountains. From there, you'll hike through the jungle scouting for some of the 500 species of birds found in Belize including parrots, toucans, and white eagles.

From December through February, you may have the opportunity to see the endangered Scarlet Macaws that migrate to the Red Bank Hills. Depending on the season, you may also go to the Serpon Sugar Mill for this birding adventure.

Mayan Ruins MAGICAL MAYAN HISTORY TOUR - This full day tour gives you the chance to get up close and personal with the ancient Mayan culture. You'll start with a drive up the scenic Hummingbird Highway and travel to the Cayo District near the border with Guatemala.

Upon your arrival, you'll first explore the ruins of Xunantunich - the largest Mayan site in Belize. A hand-cranked ferry will take you across the river to this center situated high on a limestone ridge complete with panoramic views. If you want, you can climb to the top of El Castillo for views all the way to Guatemala.

After lunch, you'll make your way to Cahal Pech which was the home of the royal family around the same time that Xunantunich was at its height of power. This Mayan center features 34 structures in a small area covering just over 2 acres. This site offers a view over the city of San Ignacio on one side and over the Belize River valley on the other. Fantastic!

JUNGLE HORSEBACK RIDING - Ride on trails where the Maya once ruled and view the tropical jungle with trained guides and friendly horses. This half day tour begins with a brief ride through a fragrant orange grove. Then you'll follow the trail into the lush tropical rain forest accompanied by the call of the some 350 different species found in the area.

Blue Morpho butterflies flutter past as you ride through the forest of silver pimento palms, pines and Kapok trees with huge trunks. Before heading back, you'll stop at a pristine spot on the Sittee River for a refreshing swim beneath the jungle vines.
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