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Orange Walk Activities and Tours


Airboat Tour
SPOTLIGHT NATURE SAFARI - This after-dinner tour from Lamanai Outpost Lodge is an exciting adventure that gives you up close views of some of Belize's most amazing wildlife. While cruising on a comfortable river safari boat, you'll look for anything from the Morelet's crocodile to the elusive and endangered jaguar. You'll also spot some amazing river birds roosting on the water's edge.

AIRBOAT TRIP - Take an exciting trip into the New River floodplains aboard a Florida-style airboat. Enjoy cocktails, snacks and nature watching over sunset. Drinks and snacks included.

Airboat Tour PONTOON BOAT TRIP - There can be no finer way to end the day than on the New River Lagoon surrounded by tropical forest and wildlife with a well-stocked cooler, snacks and your own personal bartender as you watch the sun disappear below the treetops from a 30-foot pontoon boat. Drinks not included.

CANOEING - Canoeing is offered on Laguna Verde, a small natural spring-fed lake approximately four miles north of Chan Chich. While canoeing around the lake it is not uncommon to come face to face with turtles, birds or even crocodiles!
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Native Fishing
NIGHT SPEAR FISHING - Travel by pontoon boat to a choice fishing location, strap on a headlight, board your canoe and go night spear fishing with a local expert.

NATIVE FISHING - Fishing becomes a cultural adventure when it's done jungle-style. You'll catch live bait using the local bottle method and use the most basic of equipment. Paddle out along the banks of the lagoon with a local fisherman and settle into a quiet cove to land Big Mouth Bass and other local species.
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Maya Culture

Lamanai Ruins
CHAN CHICH ARCHEOLOGICAL SITE - The Chan Chich area encompasses several prominent Mayan sites that can be explored through a self-guided tour or with a local naturalist guide. Favorite trips range from trails pointing out local medicinal plants to night walks in the surrounding jungle.

Aside from the countless endemic bird species flying through the forest canopy, expect to encounter howler and spider monkeys, lizards, squirrels, agouti, peccary, brocket deer, and, if you're lucky, the elusive jaguar.

LAMANAI ARCHEOLOGICAL SITE - In the company of an expert guide explore the mysterious jungle-shrouded temples of this once powerful 3000 year old civilization where nature and ancient history coexist. The ruins of Lamanai encompass over 700 structures, a visitor's center and museum. The Lamanai tour may be done entirely by road, or in conjunction with a spectacular one hour boat ride down the New River from Orange Walk to the site.
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Local Hiking
MEDICINE TRAIL HIKE - As the only resource for medicinal aid, indigenous people have long used a wide variety of local plants for their powerful and effective medicinal properties. Unlock the secrets and learn first hand how basic potions and salves are prepared and used to this day in Belize's jungle villages.

HOWLER MONKEY TREK - Observe troops of Howler monkeys as they start the day foraging high in the jungle canopy. Babies cling tightly to their mother's backs under the protective gaze of the dominant male whose call can be heard for miles. Learn about the species' lifestyle, social dynamics and infant rearing practices.

NATURE WALK - Both Lamanai and Chan Chich offer fantastic hiking trails where you can observe nature without venturing far from your lodge! Look for butterflies, orchids, and exotic Belizean wildlife.
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Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding
Chan Chich features a stable of beautiful horses at the Gallon Jug farm.

Choose from a 1, 2, or 3 hour guided ride along jungle trails and/or to remote Mayan sites, such as Punta de Cacao, hidden deep within the jungle of Gallon Jug.
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Crocodile Tagging

Morelet's Crocodile
Travel by airboat into the surrounding floodplains and observe and even assist if you wish, as one a naturalist from Lamanai Outpost Lodge endeavors to capture, collect data and expand the understanding of the endangered Morelet's crocodile.

Something that most people only see on television!
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Bird Watching
The Orange Walk region features a startling number of bird species - almost 400 - making this area a great location for birding. You'll also find diverse habitats from vast wetlands and forests to pine savannah, all easily accesible by boat, foot, or truck.

Expert guides will tailor your experience giving you the best chance at spotting that unique Belizean species. Regular spottings include the Northern Potoo, Yucatan Nightjar, Common Pauraque and Nighthawk, Grey-necked Wood Rail, Sungrebe and Agami Heron.
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Vehicle Tours

Vehicle Tours
Chan Chich offers both day and night vehicle tours in the Gallon Jug area. These include the wetland habitat at Laguna Seca, Laguna Verde, the upper Escarpment, Sylvester Village, and tours of the Gallon Jug farm, in particular the coffee plantation and production processes.

Day-trips to La Milpa, a Mayan site located in the Rio Bravo Conservation Area run by Programme for Belize, and to the significant ruins at Lamanai, the second largest Mayan site in Belize are also available.
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