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Placencia Activities and Tours


Placencia Diving
INNER REEF - This dive trip starts at around 9:00 AM. The Inner Reef is a home for many juvenile aquatic animals native to the area. You'll also find vegetation like sea fans, sea whips, and sea plume as well as shrimp, crab, abundant fish, and rays.

Inner reef dives are usually to depths between 60 - 80 feet and visibility is between 50 - 100 feet. Some of the cayes you'll visit in the Inner Reef include Laughing Bird, Moho and Tarpon. This two dive trip returns to shore at around 3:30 to 4:00 PM.

OUTER REEF - The Outer, or Barrier, Reef features spectacular walls that start at around 40 feet and drop off to around 3000 feet! You'll encounter turtles, rays, Moray eels, and lobster among many other creatures.

Dives in the outer reef are to a maximum depth of 100 feet and are multi-level diving. Visibility is usually around 80 - 100 feet. You'll visit cayes such as Silk Cayes, Pompion, and Ranguana. This two dive trip leaves at around 9:00 AM and returns by 4:00 PM.

WHALE SHARK DIVES - During the months of April through June, southern Belize offers divers and snorkelers the unique opportunity for spotting the large pelagic feeder known as the Whale Shark. The Cubera Snappers spawn during the three days before the full moon and the three days after the last quarter moon attracting the Whale Sharks.

When in a playful mood, these gentle and curious creatures will hang around for long periods of time - a delightful and unique diving experience. April - June is also spawning season for many other species of fish and mating season for turtles.
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This snorkeling tour begins when you are whisked away to Belize's Barrier Reef (the second largest reef in the world) or to one of the many beautiful cayes nearby, such as Laughing Bird Caye National Park, for great snorkeling and fishing.

You'll also stop for a picnic lunch at Robert's Caye, a beautiful white sandy island where the only inhabitants -- a family of osprey -- will greet you. It's a relaxing day of exploring wonders of the reef and the many cayes that dot the Caribbean waters off the beaches of Placencia.
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Fishing in Placencia
Placencia offers fantastic fishing of all kinds and year-round it's possible to catch 8 - 10 different species in a day. Whether you prefer bonefishing in the flats, trolling in the outer cayes or fly-fishing along the coast, you'll be thrilled by the diversity the area offers.

Our fishing partners will set you up with excellent licensed fishing guides equipped with boats and rods and tackle - or bring your own gear. Placencia is a great place to achieve the Grand-Slam of fly-fishing - catching permit, tarpon, and bonefish.

In addition to these species, southern Belize also has fantastic fishing for snook, jack, barracuda, bonito, mutton snapper, and untouched offshore fishing for tuna, cobia, dorado, and even sailfish.
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Water-Based Adventure Tours

MONKEY RIVER BOATING TOUR - Glide up the Monkey River by boat and hike over newly cut trails in the rainforest to get a close-up view of the howler monkeys, rare birds, crocodiles and iguanas who call this fascinating river home. Manatee may be spotted at the mouth of the river as well, making this an exciting experience.

RIVER KAYAKING - Veteran and novice kayakers alike will love this 3 1/2 -hour guided adventure down the tropical South Stann Creek River where you will observe pristine countryside and wildlife.

MANATEE WATCHING - Manatee watching is no further than the beautiful Placencia Lagoon. A guided boat ride will take you through lush mangrove, home to incredible local wildlife.
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Land-Based Adventure Tours

Cave Swimming
LUBAANTUN AND CAVE SWIMMING - Visit the Maya ruin site of Lubaantun known for its rounded corners and curves which are unlike any other known Maya site. This unique site also offers breathtaking views on a clear day.

After exploring the ruin site, you'll hike to the caves of Blue Creek for a refreshing swim.

LUBAANTUN AND NIM LI PUNIT - The Mayan Ruins of Lubaantun and Nim Li Punit lie to the south in the beautiful Toledo District which you will visit by road on this adventure. Lubaantun is the largest Mayan site in Toledo sitting high on a ridge above a valley cut by the Columbia River.

After exploring Lubaantun, you'll head to Nim Li Punit, which is a ceremonial center with splendid views of 25 stelae, 8 of them carved.

COCKSCOMB JAGUAR PRESERVE / WATERFALL SWIM / RIVER TUBING - Explore the world's first Jaguar Preserve, where an experienced guide will lead you through the hiking trails. While you would be lucky to spot the great cat, you will experience his habitat of tropical rainforest.

You'll discover medicinal plants and herbs, as well as diverse wildlife. You can also go for a refreshing swim under the waterfall and go river tubing.

HORSEBACK RIDING - Experience Belize's magnificent rainforest on horseback on this tour which launches from Little Bill Hill, about 25 miles from Placencia. The 1800 acre ranch features 10 miles of riding trails through pristine rainforest and open fields.

Ranch hands lead riders on ranch horses over trails while experienced tour guides point out the varied flora and fauna that exist in this extraordinary jungle setting.
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