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Punta Gorda Activities and Tours

Maya Exploration

Lubaantun Ruins
LUBAANTUN - This site, located near the Mayan village of San Pedro Colombia, is a Late Classic ceremonial center where the famous (or infamous!) crystal skull was found by the daughter of archaeologist F.A. Mitchell-Hedges in 1926.

You'll explore this fascinating Late Classic Mayan site before traveling through Mayan villages to lunch and swim at Santa Cruz or San Antonio waterfalls in beautiful jungle surroundings.

NIM LI PUNIT - Nim Li Punit is most famous for its concentration of sculpted stelae. This site is easily accessible from lodges in Punta Gorda and is a great place to spend a day exploring and learning about this fascinating culture.
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Blue Creek Tours

Blue Creek
OPTION I - This tour begins with a hike on a jungle trail with a guide to explain the medicinal uses of plants and trees encountered along the way. You'll also learn which plants have domestic uses in cooking and house construction. Then you'll stop for a relaxing picnic lunch beside the creek.

After lunch you'll swim inside Blue Creek cave, a fascinating site featuring a high cavernous roof and fantastic limestone stalactites and stalagmites.

OPTION II - Spend the morning hiking through the Blue Creek cave system hunting for Mayan pottery artifacts. After you work up an appetite, you'll have a picnic lunch beside the creek.

In the afternoon, visit a Mayan home in Blue Creek village where you'll learn about various crafts and the processing and use of corn and cacao.

OPTION III - Create your own tour! Select any two activities from Blue Creek I and II.

OPTION IV - This strenuous option is especially for the fit and energetic. You'll start with a steep climb up the mountainside along Blue Creek to observe the changing layers of vegetation as you ascend. When you reach the summit, you'll be rewarded with fantastic views across Aguacaliente Wildlife Sanctuary towards the coast.

Have lunch by the creek and then swim with your guide through the Blue Creek cave system.
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Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing
This full day tour takes you to the Port Honduras Marine Reserve which is famed for its fly fishing. You'll go fishing for permit on the flats around the cayes and for tarpon in the rivers and lagoons.

Families can be accommodated on this tour, and snorkeling may be included upon request. There is a maximum of 2 people per boat fishing.
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Moho River
MOHO RIVER UPSTREAM TOUR - If you're looking for an authentic rainforest experience, then look no further. This tour takes you by boat south along the forested coast to the mouth of the Moho River. First, you'll learn about the ecology of the beautiful mangroves before you begin your journey up the river.

While on the deep green waters of the Moho, you may see howler monkeys swinging in trees, iguanas, turtles, and a rich variety of birds on the forested banks.

You'll arrive at the Mayan settlement of Boom Creek in time for lunch and then travel on upstream to the village of Santa Ana.

MOHO RIVER KAYAK TOUR - This kayak tour suitable for beginners is also unique enough to keep advanced kayakers interested. Featuring a fairly undemanding (no rapids) float down the Moho from Santa Ana to Boom Creek, this is a wonderful way to experience the river up close, and all the bird and animal life that lives along its banks.

MARINE ECOSYSTEMS: BAY OF HONDURAS - This tour begins with a short drive into Punta Gorda and then into a motor boat to tour some of the most beautiful of the region's offshore cayes. You'll visit the Port Honduras Marine Reserve, which is one of the newest conservation areas in Belize.

While at the reserve, you'll stop at Abalone Caye for a visit to the ranger station and to climb the observation tower for spectacular views of the Bay of Honduras and its cayes. You'll also visit Wild Cane Caye which was once a Mayan trading post. On your way out to the Snake Cayes, keep your eyes open for manatee and dolphins as well as magnificent local bird species.

In the afternoon your guide may suggest a bit of fishing to occupy your time on the way home. These are some of the best fishing grounds in the Caribbean where you're likely to catch your own dinner of snapper, barracuda, or mackerel. Or just sit back and enjoy the ride home.
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