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Dangriga, Belize

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Dangriga is the largest town in Southern Belize, located within the heart of Belize's citrus industry. If you are looking for one destination from which you can do it all, Dangriga is an excellent choice. With its close proximity to Southwater Caye, Tobacco Caye and Man-o-War Caye, Dangriga offers travelers excellent options for diving, snorkeling, and fishing.

History & Culture

If local culture is what you seek, Dangriga is the place for you! Dangriga is a major cultural and artistic center and a good place to experience the Garifuna culture first hand. The Garifuna people are descendants of shipwrecked slaves and native Caribs. They have adopted the Carib language but have kept their African musical and religious traditions. An event not to be missed is the celebration of Garifuna Settlement Day (Nov. 19). On this day the town explodes with colorful costumes, dancing, all night drumming, and a pre-dawn hour reenactment of their arrival to Belize, in celebration of their Garifuna heritage.

Lodging & Dining

The beautiful resorts of the Dangriga region have all it takes to soothe your soul and quench your thirst for adventure. Jaguar Reef, Hamanasi, and Belizean Dreams will provide you with luxury accommodations, delicious meals, and the ability to explore the sea and jungle. Dangriga also offers plenty of small restaurants to sample Garifuna food and an active nightlife of seaside bars where local drummers can be heard.


Dangriga is an excellent location for water activities of all kinds, but when you are ready to explore on land, this region does not disappoint. Cockscomb Basin and Jaguar Preserve is a 100,000 acre forest reserve with amazing wildlife and over 300 bird species, not to mention the only recognized jaguar preserve in the world. The Maya Mountains loom large over this fascinating area, their crowning glory the 3,805-foot Victoria Peak. Woodsy terrain slopes down to the coast, carved by sparkling rivers. The Mayflower Bocawina National Park lies between Dangriga and Cockscomb Basin. This post-Classic site consists of three ruins and two spectacular waterfalls.

From Dangriga you can explore the quaint fishing villages of Hopkins and Sittee River. Hopkins is a great alternative for travelers that want the accessibility of all the activities Dangriga has to offer, but in a more serene environment. There's not much shopping to do in Hopkins, nor any sights beyond those that make up everyday village life. On a Saturday night, this usually means drinking some beer and bitters, playing drums and dominoes, and laughing away another hot, breezy day.

Dangriga offers plenty of small restaurants to sample Garifuna food and an active nightlife of seaside bars where local drummers can be heard. Dangriga is the birth place of Punta Rock, an upbeat rhythmic Caribbean music dominated by the drums and the keyboards. In a modern interpretation of the Garifuna courting dance, punta dancers shake their hips with unhinged dexterity and sometimes at incredible speeds, the cornerstone of Belizean popular culture.

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