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San Ignacio Resort Hotel

San Ignacio Resort

Rating: Rating: 4 Stars
Location: San Ignacio
Belize, Central America

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The Stunning Entry at San Ignacio
The beautiful San Ignacio Resort is a full-service resort boasting first-class amenities, luxurious accommodations, and easy access to nearby parks, caves, and nature reserves.

The resort features gorgeous details like marble floors, exotic local art, and a stunning mahogany staircase. The popular Running W Steakhouse offers indoor and outdoor dining, and you can enjoy live entertainment at the Club Bar & Grill. The outdoor pool provides the perfect setting for an afternoon relaxing in the sun.


Beautiful Accommodations at San Ignacio
The 24 rooms feature beautiful hillside views, air conditioning, private bathrooms, cable TV, and telephones. In addition to Balcony and Regal Rooms, the resort also offers a spacious Family Room perfect for families or groups up to 6 people and also includes a plasma TV.

The luxurious Master Suite features a private Jacuzzi on a large balcony overlooking the breathtaking Macal River Valley. The gorgeous hardwood accents and canopy bed provide a romantic atmosphere.


San Ignacio Resort's Restaurant
  • Restaurants and Bar
  • Swimming Pool
  • Tennis Club
  • Spa
  • Gift Shop
  • Green Iguana Exhibit
  • Hiking Trails


Beautiful Swimming Pool
The San Ignacio Resort offers a few unique onsite activities. Check out a tour of the Green Iguana Exhibit featuring tropical plants and flowers that provide the bright green Iguanas shelter or the comfort to bask in the full sun. You'll have the opportunity to hold one of these exotic creatures and learn more about their habits and habitats.

Other onsite tours include medicinal and Jjungle tours, or guiding bird watching hikes. The area is rich with other activities including caving, canoeing, and Mayan archeological sites.

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