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Placencia Hotels

Placencia Hotels

Turtle Inn

Turtle Inn Rating: Rating: 5 Stars
Another of Francis Ford Coppola's Belizean resorts, the Turtle Inn is characterized by rustic luxury. You'll love the attention to detail and exquisite service offered by this fine resort. Do as much or as little as you desire and feel your stress melt away. More...

Chabil Mar Villas

Chabil Mar Villas Rating: Rating: 4 Stars
Enjoy oceanfront luxury in your own villa at Chabil Mar. You'll find plenty of quiet spots for relaxing in this spacious resort from spectacular verandas to quaint garden corners to a chair by the pool. After you're fully relaxed, take off for a day of adventure on land or sea. More...

The Inn at Robert's Grove

The Inn at Robert's Grove Rating: Rating: 4 Stars
Robert's Grove is a comfortable, gracious, beautifully appointed hideaway which enjoys a premier location near the country's top attractions. The Hacienda-style Inn is situated on the fantastic beaches of Placencia offering you access to the most sought after activities and adventures. More...

Placencia Hotel

Placencia Hotel Rating: Rating: 4.5 Stars
This luxurious resort features beautiful accommodations, breathtaking views, and charming European hospitality. With a pool, tour desk, restaurants, and bars onsite, as well as close proximity to all Placencia has to offer, you'll find everything you need for a perfect getaway. More...

Bella Maya Resort

Bella Maya Resort Rating: Rating: 4 Stars
Bella Maya resort offers spacious and beautiful two bedroom waterfront suites with full kitchens and modern appliances. The resort, located on the northern end of the peninsula, also features both a fine dining restaurant and a casual poolside bar and grill. More...

Nautical Inn

Nautical Inn Rating: Rating: 3 Stars
You'll find comfortable accommodations and friendly service at The Nautical Inn. The resort offers several room options perfect for groups and families of many different sizes or for one or two people just looking to get away. More...

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