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Belize Lodge

Belize Lodge

Rating: Rating: 3 Stars
Location: Punta Gorda
Belize, Central America

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Lodge at Sunset
The Belize Lodge features four unique and diverse properties. The Indian Creek Lodge straddles two lagoons at the edge of the forest and offers close access to Mayan culture. The remote Jungle Camp, reachable only by canoe, is perched on the banks of the Golden Stream deep in the 13,000 acre Boden Creek Reserve.

The Moho Cay Lodge is located within the Port Honduras Marine Reserve and features luxury safari tents on a white sand and palm covered island. Ballum Na (House of the Jaguar) is home to two jaguars and a luxurious jungle lodge.


With so many lodging options, you're bound to find something that sounds like your idea of a great vacation. The Indian Creek Lodge is central to the other three resorts. The lodge features cabins nestled in a grove of trees and tropical flowers with private verandas to enjoy the surroundings.

Ballum Na features Master and Junior suites which are spacious and beautifully appointed. The Master Suite has a spacious bedroom and overlooks the jaguar enclosure.

The safari-style bungalows of the remote Jungle Camp have private verandas and are fully screened with comfortable beds and giant ceiling fans.

Moho Cay Lodge consists of raised luxury safari style tents covered with a thatched roof. The spacious tents feature hardwood floors and wicker furnishings.


Sitting Area Amenities vary from resort to resort, here is just a sample of what these lodges offer.
  • Restaurant and Bar
  • Private Chefs
  • Butler Service
  • Kayak and Canoe Use
  • Hiking Trails


Since each lodge offers unique surroundings, there is a lot to do and activities vary depending on where you are located. From Moho Caye Lodge, you can snorkel, sea kayak, and swim in the Caribbean, or lounge on the beach and do nothing at all.

The jungle lodges offer a variety of experiences, from Mayan explorations to pontoon boat safaris. There are also a number of fantastic tour packages available from bird watching expeditions to sailing on the Belize Barrier Reef.

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