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Belize Business and Economy

Links related to the businesses and economy of Belize.

  1. Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry Website.

  2. Belize Virtual Mall
    Belize Mall, the meeting place for Belize's Internet Community and the WORLD including business, entertainment, and more.

  3. Carolyn Carr - Belize Treasures, Belize
    Belize's adopted daughter Carolyn Carr showcases her extraordinary talent offering scenes of Belize in giclees, offset and enhancement mediums.

  4. Belize Telecommunications Ltd.
    Belize Telecommunications Ltd. for phone service, Internet access, and more.

  5. Beltraide
    Belize trade and investment deveopment service; find investment opportunities in Belizean businesses.

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